my guts are ready

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Apr 122012

Yep witch guts is available to play right here. Decided to stop sitting on it because that just isn’t fair to the other people involved (Specifically OiiChyo and Astat both pretty great people to work with). So play it.

Jan 112012

I haven’t posted here in forever and the beginning of the year is a good time to review from what I’ve been told so I think that makes it a good time to show off some stuff.


This was my big project since my last post here. Good old fashioned super mario/supercrate box style enemy smashing with some dress up game elements to try and keep you in for the long haul.

WitchGuts is all done and finished but is in awaiting sponsorship mode (looking for sponsorship during the holidays might not have been the best idea) so you can’t play it yet. Soon though.

The Animals are Deadly

This game was what came out of this December’s Ludum Dare for me so you can actually play it. The compo’s theme was alone this time around and I made a game where crowds will kill, animal crowds that is. Walk around cleaning up toxic waste while shooing pigeons away to avoid over exposure to the radiation. Unfortunately it’s more than a little repetitive which is something that can happen to games made in 48 hours so if you give up before collecting them all I won’t blame you.

The art turned out pretty nice and got me excited to try and make a top down perspective game with a little more meat. Fun Fact: My previous two Ludum Dare games Share-iff and Gunzz and Sedanz were also planned to have a wolf jump in at the end so I finally got that out of my system in Ludum Dare.

Gorilla Gang Group

Very Working Title. Exploration Racing game with a focus on knowing landmarks. Which is a convoluted way to say it’s a drag racing game. They way I have it planned it would be really art heavy so I dropped the project for now but I’m pretty fond it so I’ll probably come back to this one eventually. I really like the goofy HUD in this one but I’m a pretty big fan of ridiculous HUDs. The Knight Rider Game for NES pure HUD gold.

Something New

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Oct 202011


So here’s what I’ve been working on lately.







There’s not a whole not to tell just yet but think Super Crate Box with a baseball bat.

Ludum Dare 21

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Aug 242011

I participated in Ludum Dare this past weekend you can play the game here

also remember this picture?

well now it’s this (sans swordplay)

expect a playable demo to be here right soon